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Welcome to Peninsula RSI. Located in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, we’ve successfully treated repetitive strain injuries for 19 years -- evaluating and helping thousands of patients recover.

Medical practitioners too often misdiagnose and mistreat repetitive strain injuries. At Peninsula RSI, however, we have a long history of results derived from expertly addressing the origin of these injuries -- myofascial fibrosis -- rather than just the symptoms.

Conventional medical treatments for nerve entrapment, tendinitis, and epicondylitis caused by repetitive strain typically focus on superficial aspects without solving the fundamental problem of contracted muscle and connective tissue structures which stem from years of static loading. Long-term relief from repetitive strain injuries can only be achieved when your muscle and connective tissues are returned to a normal length -- freeing nerves, tendons, and joints to function properly once more.

We can help. ChiropractorsA visit to Peninsula RSI starts with a thorough evaluation. Nerve entrapment and tendinopathies are identified and addressed so that we can focus on the true source of the problem. Then we evaluate muscles for their elasticity and degree of fibrotic adaptation. Finally, a variety of active and passive muscle/tendon release techniques will be combined with a thorough home stretching program to restore normal length to previously contracted, hardened muscles and tissues. The sum of our approach removes the underlying source of nerve and tendon problems as well as joint dysfunctions that are the secondary pain producers in repetitive strain injuries.