Injured at Work? Here's What You Should Know

From construction to factory-line workers, the possibility of getting injured in laborious jobs is extremely high. In fact, the National Safety Council estimates that a worker is injured on the job every seven seconds. If it happens to you, you may feel helpless, hopeless, and fearful of losing your job or having restricted duties after an injury. We’d like to ease your mind and prepare you for what’s next.

Dr. Dana Robinson and our staff at Peninsula RSI Chiropractic Wellness Center have many years of experience supporting people through their workplace injuries, and we can help you, too. 

What is a workplace injury?

A workplace injury is any type of health condition that occurs or develops while you perform your job. Dr. Robinson typically sees patients for muscle strains, ligament sprains, large-joint injuries, and chronic pain. These conditions are brought on by the following events:

Work injuries can happen at any workplace, but the jobs that have the most inherent risk of injury include:

No matter what caused your injury, following workplace injury protocol and getting treated as soon as possible is key.

What are your responsibilities after an injury? 

The first and most important step in handling a workplace injury is to report the incident to your employer immediately. It’s best to do this right away or you risk losing your ability to claim workers’ compensation if too much time has passed since your accident. 

After reporting your injury, you need to receive medical care to begin the evaluation and treatment process. Don’t wait to schedule an appointment with us; seek emergency medical care if your injuries are serious. 

Before being assessed and treated by Dr. Robinson, inform her that you’re suffering from a workplace injury and give her a full and complete account of the incident. This allows Dr. Robinson to correctly fill out any necessary paperwork and better guides her treatment. 

Once you’ve established care with our team, you need to submit a claim form to your employer in a timely manner. Then, your job is to follow Dr. Robinson’s care instructions exactly. 

How do we provide care for your workplace injury?

You begin your journey back to work by meeting with Dr. Robinson and discussing the cause and symptoms of your injury. From there, our team creates a treatment plan that aids in a safe and quick recovery. 

We offer a wide range of services and integrate a variety of chiropractic and other treatment methods to give you the best care possible. Some of the services Dr. Robinson and our team provide include:

Dr. Robinson focuses on increasing your mobility, reducing pain and inflammation, and improving your range of motion with the goal of getting you back to work at the fullest capacity possible. 

She may recommend extended or ongoing treatment or assign exercises to do at home. It’s imperative that you adhere to any at-home directions and maintain any and all rehabilitation appointments in our office, so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. 

If you’d like more information or need to be evaluated for a workplace injury, call our office or schedule an appointment online today.

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